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Teaching Historical Thinking Concepts and Inquiry Skills - All our lessons support Historical Thinking Concepts. Please get the book from TC2 that explains these concepts and offer additional tools and worksheets for our lessons.
New Lesson Available: Consult our lesson for members on Ukrainian-Canadians and the reasons for World War 1 internment - Breaking away from traditional classroom lectures - In this article of the Hill Times, prof. Lévesque discusses the results of a study on the learning experiences of university teachers. 
The Life of European Jews in Hitler's Time - Consult our new lesson activity on the life of Jews during the time of Hitler in Europe, produced with the support of the Azrieli Foundation.
Why Virtual History Matters - Prof. Stéphane Lévesque speaks about the importance of Virtual history research for the teaching and learing of history in the 21st century as part of the Defy the Conventional University of Ottawa Campaign. 

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