What we do


The VH Lab was designed to conduct advancted research on computer-user interactions in various fields of study in education.

It provides investigators with several research applications

  • Learning applications, 3D modelling, and web design
    usability assessment
  • Computer simulation testing
  • Learning patterns and behaviours in online and
    contextualized settings
  • Online and Onsite museum exhibit assessment
  • Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Multiple literacies studies

Researchers in the VH Lab have the flexibility to use mixed methods, multiple strategies, and triangulation tools to conduct their studies and analyze the data. Computer applications can be developped and housed on our VH server and be tested during simulations and experiments. 


We use various scientific instruments to collect data, including body movements, think aloud protocole, post-action reflection, eye-tracking and mouse movements.  Our software provide us with flexible and powerful results in the form of metrics (time span, fixation, pupil dilation), look zone and heatmap statistics, and audio and video codings.

These results can be exported and saved on hard drive for future use and reference.