Shock Report: The Life of European Jews in Hitler's Time *


Shock Report: The Life of European Jews in Hitler's Time

You have now made your way into Europe. Under the guise of anonymity, you must now produce a journalistic report for a Canadian newspaper on the living conditions of Jews in Nazi Europe.

The purpose of this report is to inform Canadians of what is happening now in Europe. Your job is therefore to watch, read and listen carefully to the rare witness testimonies available on this dark period of history.

You have to produce two articles. The two articles will focus on very specific topics:
1) Jewish life in the ghettos, transit camps, labor camps and death camps;
2) the fate reserved for Jews from the Nazi worldview: anti-Semitism and the elimination of the Jews as the “Final Solution” to all problems.
Your two destinations will accordingly be the Theresienstadt (Terezín) Ghetto in Czechoslovakia and the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland.

Editor’s Specifications:
- Your reporting must be in the form of two (2) separate articles.
- Each article must be supported by at least three historical sources collected during your stay (as found in the Virtual library)
- Each article should contain roughly 150 words (3/4 pages).



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